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As Omağ Development we have embarked on a new project by the inspiration of a new day. We are renewing Yenikent area... Are you ready for a new life in Yenikent, one of the best and rapidly developing areas in Nicosia, the capital?

Project Details

Services & Amenities

  • Use of environmentally friendly materials from brick to paint
  • Double glass insulated aluminum joinery window systems
  • Natural lighting with the orientation of your home
  • Exterior cladding (sheathing)
  • Water and heat insulation on the roof
  • Special design suspended ceiling and lighting systems
  • Regional parquet, marble or ceramic flooring
  • Master bedroom en-suite
  • Interior garden
  • Akrilux kitchen cabinets
  • Built-in wall cabinets in bedrooms
  • Solar powered hot water tank
  • VRF / VRV central heating / cooling system
  • "Hansgrohe" vitrified elements that reduce water consumption
  • 3 ton water tank and booster system
  • Green landscaping
  • Satellite, internet and telephone infrastructure
  • Closed garage
  • Site environmental lighting


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