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The Olive Tree itself is history. It is centuries old. It is the reputation of the soli and manner of Ozanköy…

Soil is the balance of life… As the olive has a part in your dining tables, so does happiness grow into your home from the soil. There must be a connection between home and happiness… One cannot randomly choose their home. One would love persistency. Because time passes… Only the story, friends and home remain of the people, and olive of the soil.

We start a new living sustaining project by its name with enthusiasm experienced crew through the beauties of Ozanköy.

Deriving is name from Murat Hüseyin Known as Murat Efendi, who appreciated soil, harmonized productivity with hard work and generosity, Murat Efendi Villas are here to pass down happiness and peace.

Project Details

Services & Amenities

  • Nature-friendly materials from brick to paint
  • Double glass insulated aluminum joinery window systems
  • Natural lighting with the orientation of your home
  • Exterior cladding (Sheathing)
  • Waterproofing and heat insulation on the roof
  • Uniquely designed suspended ceiling and lighting systems
  • Partial parquetry, marble or ceramic flooring
  • En-Suite Master bedroom
  • Steel staircase and indoor garden
  • Akrilux kitchen cabinets
  • Built-in wardropes in bedrooms
  • Solar energy reinforced hot water tank
  • VRF / VRV central heating / cooling system
  • "Hansgrohe" vitrified elements that reduce water consumption
  • 5 ton water tank and pressure tank system
  • Green landscaping
  • Satellite, internet and telephone infrastructure
  • Video Intercom system
  • Enclosed garage
  • Site environmental lighting
  • Swimming pool on demand


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