EDREMIT Grand Residence Comfortable Life Style VILLAS
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Grand Residence Villas

GRAND RESIDENCE is a unique project out for a peaceful and healthy life with the view of Five Finger Mountains, blue sea, plantcover and warmth of Mediterranean climate and friendly atmosphere. GRAND RESIDENCE Site, which will be constructed pursuant to green building concept with the use of latest technology, aims to give a human experience with its modern design you are not familiar with. GRAND RESIDENCE Site only has 8 villas; unique and privileged.

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Services & Amenities

  • Project is specially designed to ensure the usage of eco-friendly materials
  • Double glazed insulated aluminium window systems
  • Natural illumination of your villa with special designed orientation
  • Exterior thermal sheeting
  • Water and heat insulation of the roof
  • Custom design suspended ceiling and lighting systems
  • Territorial parquet, marble or tile flooring
  • All bedrooms are en-suite
  • Jacuzzi in the master bedroom
  • Laminated kitchen cabinets
  • Built-in cabinets for the bedrooms
  • Solar powered hot water tank system
  • VRF / VRV central heating / cooling system
  • "Hansgrohe" vitrified elements that reduce water consumption
  • 8 ton water tank and pressure system
  • Specially designed green landscape
  • Distance controlled automatic entry door for the site
  • Satellite, internet and telephone infrastructure
  • Video intercom
  • Automatic garden gates
  • Closed garage
  • Remote controlled garage doors
  • Site environmental lighting
  • Swimming pool (extra)

Project Details

Ground Floor

Lounge Area Total:  57 m2

Living Room: 31 m2

Dinning Area: 14 m2

Hall: 12 m2

Kitchen Area Total : 36 m2

Kitchen: 28 m2

Cooking Area: 8 m2

Common Area Total: 46 m2

Garage: 26 m2

WC & Shower: 10 m2

Stairs: 10 m2

Open Area Total : 142 m2

Entrance Terrace: 3 m2

Open Terrace: 100 m2

Swimming Pool: 39 m2

First Floor

Hall: 8 m2

Master Bedroom Area Total: 65 m2

Master Bedroom: 27 m2

Hall: 5 m2

En-suite WC/Shower and Jakuzi: 8 m2

Cabinet Room: 7 m2

Balcony: 18 m2

Bedroom-1 Total Area: 44 m2

Bedroom: 24 m2

WC: 6 m2

Balcony: 14 m2

Bedroom-2 Total Area: 24 m2

Bedroom: 18 m2

Wc & Shower: 5 m2

French Balcony: 1 m2


Ground Floor

Lounge Area Total:  40 m2

Living Room: 20 m2

Dinning Area: 9 m2

Hall: 11 m2

Kitchen Area Total : 17 m2

Kitchen: 28 m2

Cooking Area: 5 m2

Common Area Total: 32 m2

Garage: 6 m2

WC & Shower: 6 m2

Stairs: 10 m2

Open Area Total : 108 m2

Entrance Terrace: 3 m2

Open Terrace: 77 m2

Swimming Pool: 28 m2

First Floor

Hall: 7 m2

Master Bedroom Area Total: 39 m2

Master Bedroom: 22 m2

WC – Shower: 5 m2

Balcony: 12 m2

Bedroom-1 Total Area: 27 m2

Bedroom: 15 m2

Wc: 5 m2

Balcony: 7 m2

Bedroom-2 Total Area: 16 m2

Bedroom: 11 m2

Wc & Shower: 4 m2

French Balcony: 1 m2